Thinking Differently: 

Get Unstuck From Your Old Way of Thinking

Stay Ahead of the Competition

You may think the biggest threat to your business is new technologies, changing markets, or unseen competitors… it’s not. It’s actually what you think you know. After all, it’s worked in the past, so why shouldn’t it work for the future?


In today’s markets, you either innovate or get left behind. Flemming will help you identify what prevents your organization from innovating, how to get unstuck, and how to innovate every day to stay one step ahead of the competition.


Make Innovation an Everyday Activity 

As a keynote or training, Thinking Differently: Rewire your Brain to Innovate Every Day is an upbeat, interactive presentation that will help you incorporate thinking differently into everything you do.


You’ll learn how your brain typically keeps you stuck in the past, and then develop strategies for getting unstuck, replacing the old with the new, and staying focused to get the results you want.


This session focuses on:


  • Exploring how and why success can get you in trouble
  • How to incorporate innovative thinking to drive ongoing success
  • Providing brain prompts to expand alternatives and options
  • Learning to ask the right questions and align your organization to drive results
  • What got you here isn’t going to get you where you want to go. To do that, you’ll need an updated approach. You’ll need to think differently and Innovate.