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We are a consulting firm that helps you develop and grow leadership knowledge, skills, and competencies to navigate the complex business world today and achieve long-term sustainable success – desired visions and reach planned goals.

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Turning Scars to Stars

Flemming is an experienced business leader and behavioural scientist; he has a rare combination of academic training and in-the-trenches experience working in and leading organizations. 


The last decade Flemming travelled 90 countries, as public speaker, motivational teacher, and thinking partner for Presidents, Government leaders, and Boardrooms Leaders, in governments worldwide companies, universities, and schools.


Establishing Leaders business legacy, renovating organizational culture, success planning, increase trust, teamwork, communication, and Leader’s ability to listen. Focusing on effectiveness, productivity, sales, how to set themselves and employees up to win and succeed, working with self-value, feelings, thoughts, actions, habits, and VALUES

How Flemming Mentor YOU

As a consultant, Flemming is regularly hired by organizations, government, and associations to compete more effectively in today’s uncertain markets. He has assisted many organizations around the world in strategic planning, operational excellence, and organizational alignment to achieve higher profits, more success, satisfaction, and well-being. In his entertaining, engaging, interactive keynotes and presentations, Flemming blends an “objective big picture view” with hands-on experience and practical tools to create immediate and lifelong change. 

He utilizes his deep wisdom of biology and neuroscience presented in an easy to understand and unforgettable way, helping you to grow and be significant in your professional and private life. 

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2016 Certified John Maxwell Team, Trainer, Coach, Speaker and Teacher.

John C. Maxwell has written 117 books of influence, which equals leadership. The Team has 45.000 Coaches worldwide, which among other things, has done country transformation in Paraguay, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, starting with the President and down.


2018 Certified Global Priority Solutions Specialist

+45 Values changing toxic cultures, value driven leadership with 40 years’ experience in the marketplace. 

2018 BCon LIFO Practitioner

4 Behavioural Styles. Know yourself and know others. Understand and manage your strength, and obstacles in favourable and unfavourable conditions.

2019 Authorized GInI, Innovation Provider

Innovation, certification, examination, both as single individual and organization. Creativity + Implementation.


2019 MTA Licensed User

Engaging experiential learning activities to build teams, develop leaders, improve communication, and facilitate change.

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In addition to above Flemming has made a lot of scientifical research for his upcoming 4 books, related to human biology and neuroscience. 

He travelled 90 countries, raising self-awareness,  asking curious questions, experienced and witnessed +3.000 leader’s personal growth, and them energizing their body.  That´s the experience – the wisdom, the fire, passion, and purpose, which Flemming share with YOU. 

For YOU to unlock your potential, for you to establish your legacy, for YOU to become master of your outcomes in life.

Flemming was born in Jutland, northern part of Denmark, Scandinavia in 1965 in a poor home with the DNA of “not being good enough” and the perception of “nobody likes you” which became his beliefs and perception in life. 

Unfortunately, most of us are raised to think in reverse, believing it is the conditions and circumstances outside of us, that must change in order for our SELF to improve outcomes and results, but the world does not give you what you want, the world gives you who you are, it simply reflects back at you and your beliefs. 

Luckily for Flemming, at age of 45, he got fired as a leader in a bank under the finance crises in 2009, and had a near death experience, an encounter with the Universe, which raised his awareness of life (conscious quality thinking). 

He found a book by John Maxwell “The Difference Maker”, read it hundreds of times, but did not understand the book.  One of his friends invited him to Turkey. Sitting in the City Square of Konya people approach him, asked what are you doing here. Flemming told them I am waiting for YOU; I would love to know who you are…….

This was how his personal growth began – to learn to listen. He found that life is a process of becoming, raising awareness of effectiveness, human energy, feelings emotions, using conscious mind and unlearning automated behaviour which no longer served him. 

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