Just Getting it Done:

Get off the Hamster Wheel of Busy-ness

Define, Focus on, and Accomplish What Must Happen

Are you always busy, yet you never seem to get ahead? Is everyone working hard, but not always getting the right things done? Is real accountability still on your wish list?


Create Real Accountability to Achieve Success

Distractions have increased, access to data has exploded, and the temptation of instant connection looms constantly. These forces have created a belief that speed is more important than everything else. This has led us to behaviours that revolve around Busy-ness: a self-imposed mental model that gets in the way of getting the right things done every day.


In this session, you’ll learn methods, tips, and tools to create real accountability, so you and your team can focus and achieve greater success.


The session covers:


  • How to create and maintain real accountability organization-wide
  • Establishing and refining priorities
  • Integrating and aligning efforts
  • Developing an action and decision orientation in everyone


It’s time to stage yourself and your organization for success