Expose Yourself (Legally & Appropriately!) 

Communicate with Precision

Influence Successfully

Have you ever wondered, “Were they in the same meeting as me?” Do you think you’ve been clear, yet your team doesn’t do what’s been asked? In order to influence more effectively and achieve greater results through others, you’ll need to communicate more effectively.


Getting Ahead with Better Communication

In this keynote, Flemming demonstrates how to expose yourself (legally and appropriately of course!) to gain clarity in your communications, better understand multiple perspectives, and expose the thinking of others to align, engage, and move forward together


Through advanced neuroscience principles, you’ll learn a powerful yet simple process that helps you understand:


  • Why and how you think and behave the way you do at work
  • How to make your thinking more visible to drive understanding and buy-in to your ideas and decisions
  • How to effectively test your conclusions and assumptions


You’ll gain tools and techniques for engaging and aligning with others more effectively, and for triggering new thoughts and approaches that lead to superior results.