Peak Performance: 

Learn What the Best of the Best Do to Win

Use the Thinking Required to Excel

You work incredibly hard, yet you still feel stuck. Have you ever wondered what ‘the best’ in other sectors do that makes them so great? What are the competencies and characteristics that drive this type of person?


We Know it When We See it

Whether it’s a performer at the top of their game or the individual who maintains focus and does what they need to do consistently, elite ‘players’ are always moving forward. This requires learning from the past without getting stuck there. When things go wrong, they do it again (or guide others to) in order to get it right. They create an environment that supports everyone achieving their goals.


Tapping into Flemming work with elite players in numerous organizations around the world, he will share the ‘secrets’ of what it takes to be elite in everything you do.


You’ll learn:


  • What defines an elite leader – and what makes them stand out from everyone else
  • Why and how to continuously “hone your craft”
  • How to create and maintain elite teams

It starts with mindset and it culminates in action.  Are you ready?