Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

What, Why, & How to Develop it


What are you Feeling and Why is it Crucial to Your Success?

Understand your Emotions. EQ is the ability to understand and manage both your emotions, and those of the people around you.  It is one of the most important predictors of individual success in today’s world. EQ includes knowing what you’re feeling, what they’re feeling, what this means, and how emotions can affect others and your organization’s success.


Manage your Emotions

During this training program, (ESQL Behavioural Intelligence Specialist) you’ll learn


  • The components of EQ – self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills
  • How to improve your abilities in each area
  • How to help others improve their EQ
  • Techniques for continuing your lifelong learning to be more successful


Emotional Intelligence can be effectively combined with core elements of the Build your Legacy program.