Who am I & Who the Heck Are You? 

Understand Yourself and Your Team

To Work Better Together

Engage in an upbeat and interactive look at decision-making, data-gathering, communication, organization and living style utilizing the LIFO Behavioural Styles – (ESQL Behavioural Intelligence Specialist).  Learn how to more effectively, communicate, align, focus, and collaborate to achieve desired business results.


Learn to Work with the People that Drive you Crazy

In this keynote and training program, participants will


  • Build self-awareness of their preferences as well as an appreciation for why some people drive them crazy (and what to do about it)
  • Learn to speak the language of others to connect more effectively
  • Learn how adults make decisions and get to actions
  • Discover how to make better decisions


Who Am I can be effectively combined with core elements of the Build your Legacy program.