Using Your Brain to Get Great at Feedback

Communicate Better, 

Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions. Make Sure It’s Served Well

You are giving feedback each and every day in a multitude of ways.  But are you communicating the messages you want to communicate?  When should you give it?  Should you always combine constructive with positive?  What are the most common pitfalls and how do you steer clear?


Get Great at Feedback

This session explores the challenges of giving effective feedback and offers tools, tips and guidelines so you can maintain alignment, engagement, and productivity.  Designed for both managers and individual contributors, you’ll learn:


  • Why feedback is typically awkward and how we can get great at it
  • When and how to provide both positive and constructive feedback
  • The difference between ‘how’ and ‘what’ and why it’s critical
  • Games that get played by both givers and receivers of feedback and how to manage them effectively


This is included as core elements of the Build your Legacy program.