Improving Profitability - Mind Mastery Programme (6 Weeks)

Improving Profitability - Mind Mastery Programme (6 Weeks)

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For individuals and all types of organisations and industries including government and NGOs.

This six week course applies the positive impact model to provide mastery on wide-spread themes that are currently being explored for strategic improvement by organisations today. Courses can be personalised for each client, based on their current organisational challenges.

This course is certified on completion.

Participant Level

Individual transformation through Improving Profitability in order to improve the participant’s skill and contribution to a lifestyle, professional skill, team contribution or development within the organisation. Learn how to Improve Profitability with action planning and review to elevate performance.

Benefits to the organisation

Organisations will develop expertise in their current and emerging leaders that leads to organisational excellence where the application of Improving Profitability best practice is required. Learn how to generate higher value contributions from team members in a way that improves the collective impact and maintain ongoing advancement that enables employees achieve their positive impact.

Benefits to the individual

You will learn the competences required to succeed with Improving Profitability to achieve mastery. You will understand how to create an ongoing learning and action plan that supports your evolving practice of the skills that leads to the excellence.




Principles of the course

Embrace positive potential for course

Understand the achievables for the topic

Create a personal five level strategy

Understand how topic specifics align

Understand the value of the course outcomes

Continue on the learning cycle

Maximise the impact of the course

Getting into a Positive Impact Zone for the topic

Generate inspirational guidelines to maintain interest

Exchange experiences and vision

Determine long-term goals that are sustainable for positive impact

Increase possibilities of expanded mindset for positive impact

Collectively agree beneficial purposes for learning the topic

Create Impact Strategy for Change for the topic

Resources for maximising best practice

Identify emotional or physical transactions

Agree a method by which to work within parameters

Determine the upward trajectory to continually change

Visualise the end outcome with clarity

Inventing the Theme or Topic

Agree terms between parties

Agree upon specific qualities

Inspire and visualise excellence

Commitment to self and others

Be inspirational to others

Driving Value

Measure value against goals

Persevere with actions that encourage continuous learning

Value patience as a virtue in driving value

Believe in and visualise the outcomes with optimism

Trust in the overall process of learning the topic

Creating Your Learning Revolution

Understand the process fully in possession of all pertinent information

Understand the full meaning of the process of a learning cycle

Build upon the benefits of learning the topic

Demonstrate evidence of understanding the learning cycle

Continue to show commitment to the process of learning the topic

Elevating Your Impact

Allow forgiveness of self to elevate your impact

Set agreed boundaries for self and others for greatest collective impact

Demonstrate self-regard to recognise highest impact in favour of the collective

Be generous and kind to elevate your impact

Flourish and thrive to produce positive use of wisdom


Delivery Information

On purchase of this programme, Brenda will contact you with full details, workbook and materials.

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