LIFO Life Orientations Strengths Optimisation


Positive Building Blocks For High Performance

ESQL World delivers individual awareness, team optimisation and organisational excellence using the LIFO Method.

  • LIFO® is not a personality profile. It is a complete performance improvement methodology.
  • LIFO® uses a behavioural styles approach that is contextual and self-reporting.
  • Uses common language, rather than unnatural acronyms or jargon.
  • Encourages best use of individual strengths and creates awareness of potential ‘blind-spots’.
  • Participants learn how to approach each other from the other person’s preferred perspective.
  • Offers easy to implement strategies for success.

Increase Trust and Decrease Risk

LIFO incorporates it's unique six-step positive strategy for positive culture change.

  1. Confirming Strengths: Acknowledge team members' styles and strengths
  2. Treating Negative Positively: Feedback that promotes positive behavioural change
  3. Utilising Differences: Incorporate the unique strengths of each member
  4. Visioning the Whole: Develop 360 vision for better plans and decisions
  5. Getting Agreement: Get through and action without resistance
  6. Controlling Excesses: Increase performance by reducing effort


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