Executing with Excellence in Uncertainty:

Uncertainty Can be an Unsettling and Dangerous Factor

It can cause our organization to lose productivity and focus. But when significant factors in our life or our organization seem to be changing constantly, our brain processes ceaseless change as ambiguity about everything.  It causes us to constantly start over in our response to change.


It has Become More Critical than Ever to Rebuild Resilience

Use your brain to your advantage during difficult times and during periods of constant change. You’ll get techniques and tips you can use to prompt your own brain and the brains of others to be even more successful.


You’ll get guidance and tools to move through the phases of unexpected change, better understand the perspective of others, and refocus on achieving excellence, as well as how to focus your energies and those of others to get the right things done.


  • Learn more about the brain and cognitive fusion
  • Explore and practice with strategic value grids, techniques, and action planning
  • Learn how to expose your thinking process to teach others